Our office & representative are scattered in several areas, such as Medan, Pekanbaru, DKI Jakarta, and Balikpapan. Our sales area covers all of Indonesian region.

Nowadays, we see the market is owned by the buyer, and to succeed in this field, after sale services and fast response by giving solutions to a problem that occurs are very important. Started by from that idea, our company PT PREMIER ENGINEERING INDONESIA which is part of VICTORINDO GROUP was established in July 2010 at Medan. We focus on product supply and after sale services/guarantees.
We have qualified products and experienced technicians.
Our present is closer to the customers to provide solutions.

Our company has 4 product divisions with professional support. The purpose of the divisions, we can improve service to customers needed and develop the product in each division.


Our Sales Area reaches all regions of Indonesia and is scattered in various industrial sectors, namely:
Palm Oil Mill upstream & downstream, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Cement, Fertilizer, Mining, Steel, Food, Plastic, Sugas, and Marine. Other than that, we also provide solutions to Building Technology.

For New PALM OIL MILL Project, our main focus is supply :
Gear Box & Gear Motor for Press, Digester, Tresher, Agitator, Conveyor, etc.
Roller Chain for Conveyor or Elevator and Transmission Chain for Sprocket for Gear Box.
Hydraulic System for Press, Loading Ramp, Winch, Transfer Carriage, Sterillizer, etc.
VFD Inverter for Fan, Pump, and Gear Reducer.
Automatic Control for Sterilizer, Boiler, Conveyor, etc.
Steam Turbine.
Generator Set.
Electrical Control Panel

With local service, we are there for you, Select the right solutions with the right partner.
With PREMIER, you are in better shape for the future. Simply ask us, and we will take care of the rest.

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